7 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and How to Prevent Them

You’re not alone if your back is killing you. This uncomfortable hurting feeling in the bottom region of the back is familiar to half of working Americans. And, while many people turn to medication to help them cope with their pain, this isn’t always the most effective solution. In reality, modifying some of our regular habits can help us get to the bottom of the problem.

We decided to take a deeper look at the seemingly innocuous daily routines that can cause your spine to twist.

1 You dress in high heels and tight skirts.

Pencil skirts might be eye-catching, but they can also cause back pain. Tight skirts might hinder hip movement, putting a strain on your spine. The same thing happens when you put on a pair of high heels: they raise your feet to an unnatural height, causing your lower back muscles to move. Choose skirts that enable your legs to move easily and shoes with heels under 2 inches to enjoy fashion without sacrificing your health.

  1. You consume a lot of soda.

Sugary drinks aren’t the healthiest way to stay energized, and they can aggravate back pain in addition to numerous other health risks. Drinking sugary soda regularly can lead to kidney stones, which can cause significant back discomfort. Carbonated beverages cause gas to become trapped in your digestive system, putting pressure on your spine. If a glass of coke makes your back suffer, it’s time to think about boosting your water intake.

  1. You’re under a lot of pressure.
    When your body releases stress hormones, your muscles instinctively tense. Painful feelings in your neck, shoulders, and back are caused by muscle tension. According to studies, including relaxation into your regular practice can significantly reduce back discomfort.

4 You’re using the incorrect pillow.

When you sleep on an overly large pillow, you may enjoy the cosy feeling but despise the subsequent backache. Most pillows force your head into an awkward position, putting strain on your neck and spine and resulting in pain and poor sleep. If you can’t sleep without a pillow, get one that adjusts to your specific size and place another between or behind your knees. These sleeping positions have been shown to reduce the amount of stress on your spine.

  1. You’re doing things the incorrect way when it comes to dishwashing.

While washing the dishes, bending over the sink puts pressure on your lower back, causing muscles in this area to strain. You may be injuring your back daily if you hold this position for a few minutes. Place one leg on a little stool to avoid hurting your lower back. This will assist you in adjusting your posture and preventing your back from extending.

  1. You frequently use the stairwell.
    While climbing and descending stairs is typically regarded as a healthy habit, it is not the ideal approach to stay in shape if you already have low back discomfort. If you have knee or back discomfort, it’s best to talk to your doctor before using the stairs to get more exercise.
  2. You’re lying in bed, reading.

Reading a few pages of your favourite book before going to bed can cause stiffness in the shoulders and back. When we recline in bed while reading, the spine and muscles in the lower back become tense, resulting in pain. Invest in a chair with strong spinal support if reading a book before going to sleep helps you unwind after a long day.

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