10 Warning Signs You Have Thyroid Problems

We need to talk about the warning indications that you have thyroid issues.

These days, thyroid illness is on the rise. Unfortunately, our thyroids take a pounding as a result of our lifestyles and the toxins of everyday living. While the issue is widespread, many individuals mistakenly believe their symptoms are normal or are unaware of the role their thyroid plays in them.

When I awoke with a panic episode, it was the first big indicator that I had a serious thyroid condition. It came out of nowhere, and I’d never had anything like it before. It terrified me to death! I began to investigate what may be the cause and immediately concluded that my thyroid was to blame.

I discovered that I had Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disorder, after seeing three doctors who were ready to do a full thyroid panel on me.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve done a lot of research and discovered that I’ve had several warning signals of thyroid issues for years. I wish I’d known then what I know now. In the throes of thyroid illness, I’ve discovered that you must become your own thyroid champion.

If you’re having any of these symptoms and can’t figure out why it’s time to see your doctor about having your thyroid checked out. Here are some of the most frequent indications that you may be suffering from thyroid issues.

10 Warning Signs You Have Thyroid Problems:

1.) Hair thinning or hair loss
Are you discovering that you’re leaving a lot of hair behind when you brush your hair? Or is it that your hair isn’t as thick as it used to be? Both of these problems can be caused by hypothyroidism or other factors that affect thyroid function, such as insufficient iron.

2.) Problems with body temperature regulation

Do you get chilly when no one else does? This was a problem I had for a long time, and I believed it was just me. When I finally found a doctor who would listen to my thyroid condition, one of the first things he asked me was if I got cold easily.

This, he added, is a frequent sign of thyroid problems. (Along with excessive overheating, which is linked to hyperthyroidism)

3.) Thinning eyebrows

Are your brows’ outer margins thin or non-existent? This is an issue that I recently discovered is linked to thyroid function. As soon as I sat down, my functional medicine doctor examined my brows. It astounded me!

4.) Head Fog
Is your brain fog still there after you finally get some sleep, which is a frequent problem for exhausted moms? Thyroid patients often experience a loss of mental clarity.

5.) Weight increase or decrease that isn’t explained
I understand that it becomes easier to acquire weight as we get older, but if you’re suddenly gaining weight for no apparent reason, you should have your thyroid checked. (This also applies to weight loss without a change in diet or activity.)

When thyroid hormones are under or overproduced, it has a significant impact on how our bodies store and utilize fat.

6.) Muscle and joint pain
This was a later symptom for me, but I assumed it was related to my lack of sleep. My leg muscles would ache when I woke up. I also began to realize that my hands were aching a lot and that I was dropping things.

Because thyroid hormones deplete your body so much, mineral depletion is typical. Aches, pains, and even cramping are common side effects.

7.) Anxiety or depression
Depression can occur as a result of life situations. If, on the other hand, your emotions are consistently low for no apparent cause, it’s time to investigate what might be physiologically causing your unhappiness. Thyroid and adrenal exhaustion are frequently at the foundation of these problems.

Undiagnosed anxiety can also be a symptom of hyperthyroidism or autoimmune thyroid disease, in which the thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone, resulting in anxiety and panic episodes.

8.) Weight gain or loss inability
Have you tried every diet and fitness program available but still can’t seem to lose weight? Examine your thyroid! When your thyroid hormones aren’t operating properly, your metabolism suffers. They transmit messages to your body to hang on to fat or to prevent fat from accumulating on your body.

9.) Excessive tiredness
Do you feel weary in the morning after a good night’s sleep? Is it impossible for you to go through the day without taking a nap? While it is natural to feel wary if you haven’t slept, your body should not be fatigued if you are receiving enough sleep.

When your body isn’t functioning properly, it makes everything work much harder than it needs to, resulting in excessive weariness.

10.) Tried but couldn’t get a good night’s sleep
If you’re sleepy during the day yet wired at night, it might be an indication that your thyroid needs to be treated.

The ‘sleep’ hormones interact with thyroid hormones, making sleep regulation challenging. (Adrenal problems might also cause this.)

While some of these symptoms can and do signal other health conditions, they are definitely indicators of thyroid dysfunction.

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